Sunday, February 18, 2018

4 Sweet Peach Spring to Summer Products From Etude House

Etude House Makeup Review

We're just weeks away from spring and summer. It's time to bring out those pastels, bright pinks and peaches again. But frankly speaking, I never stopped wearing these colors even during the colder months! There's something about summer colors that make us look and feel years younger. And if there's one brand that help women achieve just that, it's Etude House. From the product packaging down to customer service, they make you feel like a princess.

Here are my top Pinay picks for a sweet peach summer look from Etude  House.

1. Etude House PlayColor Eyes Juice Bar Eyeshadow Palette

Every shade in this 10-color palette from Etude House screams summer! And it's aptly named Juice Bar. It will remind you of freshly squeezed orange juice on a wooden table while lounging at a beach cafe. The palette offers a mix of shimmer, metallic, and matte finishes, complete with a base, highlight and contour shades to help you create day-to-night summer looks.

This palette is great for beginners and pros alike. That's because the pigmentation isn't heavy, but you can build up the color. It's fail-proof!


Raw Cacao - Dark black brown with a satin finish (great for smoky eye!)
Grapefruit Tart - Bright salmon with a matte finish
Soft Peach - Soft peach with a satin finish
Orange Peel - Medium brown with a satin finish
Muscle Mania - Light bronze with a metallic/shimmery finish
Orange Bianco - Medium copper with a matte finish
Fever Orange - a loud orange with a metallic/shimmery finish
Kissing Me Kissing Fish - Salmon pink with a satin finish
New Recipe - Soft peach with a matte finish
Bubble Bath - Cream color with a satin finish

Etude House Play Color Eyes Juice Bar Swatch

2. Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint

Popsicle sticks for the summer? Yes, please! Especially if it's as cute and colorful as the Dear Darling Water Gel Tint from Etude House. For summer, I picked Dear DarlingWater Gel Tint in OR 207. It's an orange shade with hints of brown and red, perfect for pinay skin with yellow undertones. I love how it smells like grape juice, but despite being scented, this didn't irritate my skin at all. On my cheeks, the tint would last for up to 4 hours on a humid day.

As the name of the product suggests, this is a water-based gel that glides smoothly on the lips and on the cheeks and you get 4.5 grams of product. 

I swiped it three times on the apple of my cheeks and blended it upwards. For the sweet, natural look that I wanted to achieve, I did not use this on my lips. I used two other Etude House lip products, which you will also see below.

Here's a swatch of the Dear Darling Water Gel Tint in OR 207, unblended and blended.

Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint in OR 207

3. EtudeHouse Lips-talk Dear My Glass Tinting

For my lips, I used Etude House Dear My Glass Tinting Lips-Talk. This is a moisturizing formula with a shiny finish. It's almost like a lip gloss. I chose the color BR 402, a warm brown shade with hints of red. To me, this looks like a bright coral probably because my lips are already pigmented to begin with.

Because this is a glossy lipstick, it transfers when you drink. And that's expected. But this leaves a hint of color and a moisturized feeling after it fades.

If you want a lipstick that wouldn't exacerbate your dry lips and more importantly, if you want to look younger, luster or glossy lipsticks like this Dear My Glass Tinting Lips-Talk is highly recommended. It hides dry and shriveled lips and makes them look fuller. 

4. Etude House Cherry Moisture Lip Glow in BL 601

To make my lips look plumper, I used the Cherry Moisture Lip Glow in BL 601 on top of my lipstick. I didn't have to apply on my entire lips, just the middle lower and upper parts.

In the bottle, Cherry Moisture Lip Glow in BL 601 looks like a blue transparent liquid with pink shimmer. But once you swatch it, you'll get a nice transparent pink glow. Etude house describes this as "More sparkling than gloss [and] moisturizing like lip oil." You can combine this with any lipstick to add gloss and enhance moisture. To me, this smells like a yummy tutti frutti candy.

See the Dear My Glass Tinting Lips-Talk in BR 402 and Cherry Moisture Lip Glow in BL 601 swatches below:

Etude House Lips-talk Dear My Glass Tinting swatch
Dear My Glass Tinting Lips-Talk in BR 402 (left) and Cherry Moisture Lip Glow in BL 601 (right) swatches.




Other products used:

MAKE UP FOR EVER's Aqua XL Eye Pencil Waterproof Eyeliner in M60 Matte Dark Brown
TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer
MAC Brow Pencil in Brunette

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