Friday, March 23, 2018

How You Can Make This Drunk Blush Look with CANMAKE

Since last year, I've been seeing a lot of ladies wearing the drunk blush look or the Igari makeup look. And what's not to love about it? It makes your skin appear youthful and glowing, much like a baby. This trend actually originated from Japan and was started  by Japanese makeup artist Shinobu Igari. Owing to its Japanese roots, I'm creating the hangover makeup look using a bestselling Japanese cosmetics brand: Canmake.

These are the products I used to get the hangover makeup look:

1. Base: Canmake Juicy Glow Base

I applied Canmake Juicy Glow Base on my entire face to add moisture and luster to my skin. This base makeup offers light coverage. You can wear it alone on days where you don't want to wear makeup or under your power or liquid foundation for a smoother finish. What's great about it is it has SPF 40 sun protection and oil-controlling powder to prevent your makeup from melting. I got the shade Beige to even out my skin tone.

If you have pink undertones, I recommend the pink variant.

2. Foundation: Canmake UV Silky Fit Foundation

For extra coverage, I used the UV Silky Fit Powder Foundation. I applied this all over my face using a damp sponge to avoid a cakey look. My shade here is 02 Ochre. It's an oil-controlling powder with SPF 30, formulated without fragrance and mineral oils. Coverage is light to medium with the wet application. This would be great for women with oily to combination skin.

3. Concealer: Canmake Cover and Stretch Concealer

To conceal my dark circles, I dotted the Canmake Cover and Stretch Concealer in an inverted V shape under my eyes. I also drew a straight line on the bridge of my nose, from the area between my brows to the tip of my nose to highlight it. This creamy concealer offers medium to full coverage. My shade here is natural beige. This is great for covering spots, too. It's creamy and easy to blend.

4. Setting Powder: Canmake Marshmallow Powder

I set my foundation and concealer using the Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder. It is a super smooth and soft pressed powder to help keep your makeup in place. You can use this alone if you want to prevent oil and shine throughout the day. This powder is so gentle that you don't need a make-up remover to take it off when used alone. It also contains ingredients that are beneficial to the skin like moisturizing aloe vera, rosemary, and chamomile extracts. It has toning and emollient ingredients. 

My shade here is MO Matte Ochre. This powder is a bestseller and has received positive reviews online.

5. Contour: Canmake Shading Powder

I lightly brushed the Canmake Shading Powder in (01) Danish Brown to create a natural-looking shadow on the upper part of my forehead, my prominent jaws, and from the base of my temples down to the hollow part of my cheeks. I also used this powder to draw a line from my eyebrows down each side of my nose to make it appear thinner and straighter. It is easy to blend and it comes with a flat brush. Notice how it looks like a cute chocolate bar :-)

6. Eyeshadow:  Canmake Perfect Multi-Eyes

I'm keeping things natural by choosing a neutral all-matte eyeshadow in (01) Rose Chocolat. This eyeshadow has reddish shades of brown. The packaging comes with a quick tutorial to create a simple eyeshadow look. I applied the second to the lightest shade all over my lids, the middle brown shade on the crease, and the two dark brown shades on the outer corners of my eyes. Pigmentation is light to medium. I recommend using an eye base or concealer to intensify the colors and keep them in place.

7. Eyeliner: Canmake Strong Eyes Eyeliner

I drew a thin line on my upper lashline using the Canmake Strong Eyes Eyeliner in Sweet Brown. It's a liquid felt-tip liner that's super easy to use. Liquid eyeliners are perfect for creating a neat line without leaving any gaps between your lashes.  The color is not too solid and while it's waterproof, it's easy to remove with your regular makeup remover.

8. Blush: Canmake Cream Cheek

Now to achieve the drunk blush look, I picked the Canmake Cream Cheek in Clear Red Heart. I dotted the color thrice on the apples of my cheeks and just a small amount under the eyebags and over my nose to get the drunk blush look. This is a gel-type blush that would work for both oily and dry skin types. It is not sticky at all! 

Canmake Cream Cheek blushes are a global bestseller because it is pigmented, easy-to-use, and natural-looking. It just gives you a healthy flush every time you use it.

9. Highlighter: Canmake Cream Highlighter

I can't complete a glowing makeup look without a highlighter. Still keeping it natural though, so I picked the Canmake Cream Highlighter in Luminous Beige. This has a golden color that adds a subtle sheen to your skin. I applied this on the upper part of my cheeks and my T-zone. This illuminating highlighter is great for everyday makeup. Application is smooth and the texture of this cream highlighter is light and non-sticky.

10: Lips: Canmake Stay on Balm Rouge

I picked Canmake Stay on Balm Rouge (03) Tiny Sweet Pea for my lips. This is a pure red color with a transparent, semi-glossy finish. This is actually a tinted balm and once it wears off, it leaves a red stain on your lips. You can take it off at the end of the day using your makeup remover. This is a lightweight, slightly plumping, non-sticky lip balm with UV protection.


Overall, I'm happy not just with this drunk blush look, but with Canmake products in general. Canmake products are relatively affordable, they didn't irritate my skin, and both pigmentation and performance are good. They also come in cute packaging. Try them now and see for yourself. :-)

Check out these bestselling Canmake products:


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