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Can You Wear Green Eyeshadow? Max Factor Hypnotic Jade Matte Eyeshadow and Revlon Evergreen Eyeliner Review

Today is St. Patrick’s day, a Christian feast day as well as a cultural celebration for Ireland. As part of tradition, people wear green clothing, costumes, and accessories on his feast day. See how things turn green on St. Patrick’s day. I decided to do a quick review and demo of the Max Factor Hypnotic Jade Eyeshadow and Revlon Colorstay 2 in 1 Angled Kajal in Evergreen.

In case you’re wondering why people wear green on St. Patrick’s day, this may have started because St. Patrick used a shamrock (a plant with three leaves) to describe the Holy Trinity.

Max Factor Smokey Eye Matte Drama Kit Hypnotic Jade Review

The Max Factor Hypnotic Jade is an all-matte eyeshadow palette with four shades. There’s a cream color for highlighting your eyebrows, which you can also use a base for your lid if you have fair skin, a light green shade, an emerald green color, plus a dark brown shade to create a smokey effect. You can use this wet or dry. The dark brown shade in the palette can be used to fill your eyebrows. The palette comes with a foam applicator.

Pigmentation/Color pay-off: I would say the pigmentation is light to medium when used dry, and medium when you apply it with a wet brush. You can’t go wrong with application if you’re new to makeup because the pigmentation isn’t heavy.

Texture: I love how this feels buttery soft. My eyeshadow brush had no problems picking up the product from the pan. I did not experience eyeshadow fallout from using this palette.

Finish: Matte

Should you buy this?

YES, if:
  • You want to try other eyeshadow colors other than your neutral brown or taupe palette.
  • You want to add color to your eyes, without looking tacky! You can use this daily if you just want to add a slight pop of color to your eyes.
  • You have brown or hazel eyes. The contrast will make your eyes stand out!
  • You want to add another eye palette to your collection without spending a lot of money.

Max Factor Smokey Eye Matte Drama Kit Hypnotic Jade Swatches

Revlon Colorstay 2 in 1 Angled Kajal in Evergreen Review

The Revlon Colorstay 2 in 1 Angled Kajal in Evergreen is a new waterproof eyeliner from Revlon, and possibly one of softest eyeliners I’ve tried to date! This liner comes with a brush on one end of the pencil for smudging. This is a twist type, which means you don’t have to sharpen each time you use it.

Quick tip: When you use this eyeliner, twist the product up to only 1/8 of an inch. Apply with a light hand. This is so soft, which can make it prone to breakage. I broke mine, sadly! L

Pigmentation/Color pay-off: This eyeliner delivers a solid emerald green color. You don’t need to swipe it repeatedly to make the color appear. I guarantee, it will appear on your lashline with just one swipe. You can use this on your waterline, too.

Texture: This is soft, as in softer than crayons. This is not a bad thing especially if you have dry eyelids.

Application: The application is smooth (no tugging!), so this lessens the gaps that you see when you apply drier eye pencils. This is also great for smudging. 

Finish: Matte

Is it really waterproof? Yes, it is. Running water isn’t enough to remove it. See pic below. I tried washing it off with soap. Some of it came off with persistent scrubbing, but still isn’t enough to remove it completely. You certainly don’t want to scrub your eyes if you want to remove this product. You need to use a make-up remover, preferably an oil-based one. See the pic: 

After washing with soap and water.

Should you buy this?

YES, if:
  • You’re bored of the usual black or brown.
  • You want to quickly upgrade your look without learning elaborate makeup tricks.
  • You want to add a new eyeliner to your collection without breaking the bank!

Here’s a clean, fresh but fun look I created using a the green eyeshadow from Max Factor and emerald eyeliner from Revlon:

How to get this look:

1. Apply a concealer or an eye primer to prepare your eyelids for the eyeshadow application. This will help your makeup stay longer and it will also make sure that the color shows up on your eyelids.
2. Apply the light green shadow all over your eyelids and just above your crease without reaching your eyebrows.
3. Apply the dark green shadow to the outer corners of your eyelids in circular motions and spread halfway across the crease and your eyelids.
4. Line your upper lash line with the dark brown shade.
5. With your eyeliner, draw a thin line on your upper lash line. If you want to lift and open up your eyes further, extend the line above the outer corner of your eyes until it touches the bony part of your eyes. The end point of your upper eyeliner should be parallel to the end point of your eyebrows.
6. Line outer 1/4 of your lower outer lash line with the brown eyeshadow.

For a more intense color, repeat the steps above but apply a thicker coat of eyeliner and wet your brush or eyeshadow applicator with each application. Line your lower lashline with the brown eyeshadow and 1/4 of your lower outer lashline with the Evergreen kajal eyeliner from Revlon. 

This is a wearable goth look. Somehow this gives me an 80s vibe :-)\

Let me know what you think J 

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