Tuesday, May 15, 2018

4 Simple Things Moms Can Do to Stay Beautiful

Me and my son Marius at Century City Mall's Mother's Day event.

The Mother’s Day celebration at Century City Mall reminds moms of what truly makes us beautiful: happy and well-disciplined kids, a healthy family, and regular “me time.” Becoming a mom and talking to moms make us realize that as we age, beauty is really more about how we feel inside than how we look outside. No amount of beauty procedures or makeup can mask chronic stress, lack of confidence, and dissatisfaction with life. Century City Mall does a great job of celebrating motherhood and reminding moms of what we can do to stay beautiful inside and out.

1. Invest in tools that make home life easier.

A lot of times, today’s working and stay-at-home moms feel like they’re being pulled in every direction. It’s hard to calm down when you need to meet financial, relationship, work, and family demands all at the same time. The solution? Next to setting your priorities, equip yourself with tools that will make your life easier.

In the kitchen, innovations like the Philipps Airfyer helps moms save time as you can fry, grill, roast and bake in a quick and healthy way. 

Chef Ed Bugia of BRGR: The Burger Project and Pino Resto Bar demonstrated how you can fry fries without using oil. That’s 80% less fast without oil, making fries a quick healthy snack for moms and kids! It uses Rapid Air Technology to cook food that manages to maintain the right amount of crunchiness and tenderness. This is also super easy to clean.

Chef Ed Bugia talks about the Philipps Air Fryer, an innovation that doesn't use oil for cooking.

2. Get support and learn how to raise healthy, happy, and well-disciplined kids.

Raising kids is not a walk in the park, especially in the age of tablets, mobile phones and 24/7 connectivity. Abigail Yabut of Parenting University shares tips to instill discipline in children early on. Parents need to model good behaviors, especially when they’re raising toddlers. If you don’t want your toddlers to use gadget, then you should be careful not to use gadgets around them as much as possible.

Tired of constantly packing away your toddler’s toys? Abigail recommends providing one toy at a time and telling the child to pack away once he is done with that toy. This teaches him to focus and appreciate the toy instead of moving from one toy to another and getting overwhelmed and overstimulated with a lot of choices.

Abigal Yabut of Parenting University shares parenting tips for raising toddlers. 

Have kids who are picky eaters? Kaye Catral of Bento Mommas shows us the power of visuals. We can make food more exciting and interesting to eat for kids by preparing bento boxes. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Bento cutters can be bought from Japanese stores or bakeshops in the metro. She recommends reading Green Eggs and Ham story by Dr. Seuss, a story that encourages children to try new things in eating and in life.

Bento Mommas proves that healthy food can be made more exciting for kids.

3. Don’t forget to care for yourself every day.

Yes, we need time for ourselves daily. We need to recharge because we can’t serve our families well unless we have the inner resources to do so. For many of us, it may be hard to squeeze in an hour for ourselves every day. But dedicating 10 minutes to ourselves each day is doable!

Karen, Zone Manager at Avon, shares beauty tips that we can do in 10 minutes or less:

  • Cleanse your face with a cleanser using outward circular strokes then apply your toner.
  • Apply moisturizer.
  • Apply your foundation. To pick the right shade of foundation for you, test it on your jawline instead of the back of your hands or your wrists. You also need to know your skin type.
  • Apply concealer to cover dark circles.
  • For a more polished look, apply powder over liquid foundation and concealer.
  • Apply eyeshadow, followed by your eyeliner on the waterline and lashline to make your lashes look fuller even without mascara. Curl lashes with an eyelash curler before applying mascara to avoid clumping. Use a brow definer to enhance and fill the brows.
  • Apply blush and lip color.
  • Finish off with a gloss to make the lips look fuller.
Beautiful mom Princess Blanco receives a 10-minute makeover from Avon.

Princess Blanco and a certified Avon lady after the 10-minute makeup session.

4. Go out and connect with people and places.

It’s tempting to just stay at home and sleep off stress, but sometimes, going outside and changing our environment can do wonders for our mood. Connecting with people around us in person (not just on social media) and engaging in physical activity like mall-waking improves our well-being and ability to cope with stress.

Connecting with a lovely Avon lady to learn more about the brand's latest matte lippies.

Checking out supplements from Pascual Laboratories, including their non-acidic Poten-cee, C-Lium psyllium fiber, and alcohol-free Oracare mouthwash.

Thank you Century City Mall for making mother’s day extra special for moms like me. :-)

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